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  • watsonbell54 watsonbell54 Mar 19, 2013 1:46 AM Flag

    Cyprus being used to set a precedent

    so they can turn around and do the same thing in Greece, Italy and then hopefully later in the US - unless somehow the American public wakes up to it. After all, what are the odds of Europeans fighting back? A huge chunk of them think they support communism and socialism so they may even currently be for it. Once they wake up to how badly they have screwed themselves it will be too late.

    The "powers that be" hope to minimize the noise the first time they do this so they pick the most insignificant economy they can with the most compelling story to support it. After this is digested it helps them pull of the same theft in Greece and then that helps with the next bigger theft until the ultimate (US) is just another brick in the wall.

    Politicians often achieve their cowardly agendas this way. Income tax didn't exist til several decades ago when it was introduced at such a low level that their would be little complaining - and then they ratchet it up a little at every opportunity.

    Apparently the Eurozone is after similar results as Hitler - one world government with themselves in charge - and no rules other than the ones they decide to make - just taking a much more sneaky route to getting there.

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    • Here in the US there has been, and now it appears to be even better than healthy, a steadily growing trend to become unbanked. If you watch any TV to speak of, you've noticed the campaign to get these people back into the system with prepaid debit cards that can receive other payments, say payroll and "even" entitlements.

      The Cypriots could easily add fuel to the unbanking of the rest of the world...a good thing in my opinion.

    • or it could be a red herring,
      bank holiday Tuesday and Wednesday for Cypriots until parliament votes on it.
      oh, what a coincidence FOMC meeting the same days.
      Surely the plunge protection team will save the day.

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