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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Mar 25, 2013 10:16 AM Flag

    \Criminal theft + PASCUA impersonation by SLW+ABX+ROYAL GOLD = Chile crimes 2013 investigated

    ABX bribed KIRCHNER Government Civil servants in Argentina to land permits at PASCUA PONZI SCAM no titles just DECEPTION ERMITS WOULD DO TO DECEIVE SLW shareholders and banks..

    ABX bribed BACHELET to not investigate LAGOS and her actions to protect PASCUA PONZI SCAM

    ABX investigated under UN anti corruption laws,.

    Argentina did not complete investigation why? NORMAL current Government will not investigate itself

    However BACHELET not investigating LAGOS + issuing WATER RIGTS to Barrick prior to a NEW YORK meal whereat BACHELET was brewed for her UN POST to remain MUM to date and go back to Chile now tp GET ELECTED BY ABX MEDIA OUTLETS?

    After receiving the CFR suit pin, ,BACHELET FORGOT CHILE, joined UN and PROTECTED ABX + LAGOS hanky panky at PASCUA PONZI SCAM

    What good did it do?

    ABX conspired against pension funds of people who went to war to defend the word DEMOCRACY

    ABX bribed Governments v. LOPEHANDIA 1996-2013 at PASCUA and Lopehandia + MSX got them CRIMINALLY CHARGED 2012 + shall re open UN ANTI CORRUPTION LAWS investigation, re starting 2013 by RCMP

    WARNING You are conducting CIVIL RICO daily trades as INSIDERS TANK these corruption vipers nests

    If SLW wants 1 oz of SILVER from PASCUA PONZI SCAM better pay MSX + LOPEHANDIA or perish

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