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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Mar 26, 2013 3:31 PM Flag

    flash news, court decision in Chile shall strip PASCUA LAMA from SLW + ABX + ROYAL GOLD books

    when PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL is cancelled and SLW doctored books are SEC destroyed, SLW insiders will be eating beans daily for years as guest of Chilean penal system

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    • I have to say, Peskyforeskin, you really are a horse's butt cheek. You'd have to be twice the man you are to be considered a horse's #$%$

    • silver is getting hugged big time today

    • When the moon is shown to made out of gum drops and jello, your posts may be worth reading.

    • YOU HAVE MADE A CAREER OF BAD MOUTHING SLW and yet Pasca has not produced any thing and seeing as SLW is merely a silver streamer what are you talking about. If there is no production by ABX I must assume the contract would be cancelled and the cash payment returned to SLW

      • 2 Replies to charlesnakel
      • From my understanding with following Barricks Pascua Lama problems, SLW was notified of Barrick's title fraud with Tesoro 1 1/30 to Tesoro 12 1/5 as well as the defects to Amarillo 1-3000 as being only non metallic titles not able to extract Gold legally. Barricks other titles ESTRECHO 43 1/60 and ESTRECHO 44 1/60 and ESTRECHO 45 1/60 are not Enacted and have not been permitted for mining the precious metals.

        If you go read Barricks Pascua Lama SEC 6K or OSC 43-101 you will see Barrick tried to take ownership of Tesoro 1 1/30 to Tesoro 12 1/5 when those titles have been under a Chile Court injunction since 2001 and have been recently awarded property of Jorge Lopehandia. Jorge Lopehandia has been given legal certified domain to his titles based on a 2006 ruling upheld by a 2008 Supreme Court judgement which returned the mining titles of Mina Pascua back to the original owners.

        Amarillo 1-3000 is Barricks defective titles which cover the Pascua Lama Deposit. Tesoro 1 1/30 to Tesoro 12 1/5, ESTRECHO 43 1/60 and ESTRECHO 44 1/60 and ESTRECHO 45 1/60 and Jorge Lopehandia's titles all are located inside Amarillo 1-3000.

        SLW recorded in their Pascua Lama 43-101 that SRK did not independently review the title ownership in Chile. Title opinion was supplied to SLW by Barrick only. It appears SLW was made aware of Barricks title problems in Chile but elected to side with Barrick and take the stock exchange winnings as opposed to acknowledging Barricks fraudulent Pascua Lama titles.

        This from a recent Technical Report by a 3rd Party expert for the Chile Court of Appeals and Senageomin: "1.-Nevada Mining Company 1994 PASCUA-LAMA PROJECT THE AMARILLOS 1 THROUGH 3000.- This mineral deposit (PASCUA-LAMA project) is located inside of the AMARILLOS 1 THROUGH 3000 mining properties and it is in turn located within the groups of mining properties TESORO FIVE and TESORO SEVEN, where they are located as shown in the report presented to COREMA and the pertinent entities and public opinion for the purpose of obtaining the corresponding sectoral permits for the development of the mineral deposit denominated PASCUA-LAMA, which is complemented with photographs from “GEOGLE” [presumably “GOOGLE”] showing the whole yellow mountain (alteration deposit) which is also mentioned in the official Survey Record, in the chapter entitled “Acceso al HM” [Access to HM]; the same is described in later surveys of the TESORO FIVE and TESORO SEVEN groups."

      • you have made a career trading CIVIL RICO badmouthing the real Pascua owners too pal

        When there is a crime and someone hides and abet the criminals is a co conspirator or thief = SLW at PASCUA POZI SCAM

        Pascua had to produce and SLW knew 2009 it was never going to.. as INSIDERS CASHED IN at ABX + SL on the PONZI to help ABX swindle world markets AS IF owning the PASCUA asset

        SLW has only fraud and criminal charges to face just like ABX so get ready pal GAME OVER

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