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  • arizona_guy77 arizona_guy77 Apr 1, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    How low will Silver go!

    This is getting really depressing. Fed easing clearly is having no effect on Silver prices anymore.

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    • Believe it or not a lot of money, particularly European money is flowing into Bitcoin right now. It has gone from about $40 a few weeks ago to well over $100 . I don't believe in Bitcoin because it has no intrinsic value and is just another fiat currency; but people are buying into it because so far the government and bankers have not found a way to manipulate that market. Imagine where gold and silver would be if there was no government intervention. The May 2011 $4 overnight drop in silver was robbery but it was sanctioned at the highest levels.

    • As low as the bankers want it to go. People buy on the upswing. So they will take silver up soon to get more buyers and so the bankers can sell high. Themn they will swing the price back down. It is called MANIPULATON.

    • CYPRUS!

      The EU is falling apart and there is a flight to the “safety” of the Dollar, TEMPORARILY. With a few exceptions, like the Swiss Franc, the Dollar is currently gaining, which means that PMs are losing. At some point very soon those Euros that were traded for Dollars are going into PMs. You need to be patient.

      Note that Pacific Rim currencies are gaining versus the Dollar, with the exception of the Taiwan Dollar, which is probably due to Chinese influence. (Don’t believe “Moses”. He apparently didn’t look at the currencies before he posted his remarks.)


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