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  • baileydon57 baileydon57 Apr 4, 2013 10:39 PM Flag

    Currency debasing.

    It sure is working for Japan. The Japan stock market is the worlds strongest performer since they rejected deflation. Lets face it; in the developed world, folk's on average want fewer children. Like it or not, children are very expensive, especially, if the poorer spouse has a constant threat of divorce and expensive child support from the bread winner. Well that happen to myself But I paid thousand's of dollar's to my children, but living without a mate during that time was not... What does my story have to do with silver. Well, a decreasing future population in the developed world is not inflationary. Nobody know's the future. After selling SLW and IAG on Monday, I bought a 1% stake today in SLW. As an ira account trader, I may increase my position in SLW and buy IAG again. I usually follow the candlestick pattern and currently the candlestick pattern is negative for just about everything except for the Japan stock market and TLT(long term U. S. treasuries). I am currently 70% in VTIP. I lost alot of money during the 2008 crash, and I am not going to try to be a hero and catch the low.

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    • The U. S. government know's this(the democrat party), and that is why they support immigration reform. Mexican families very seldom divorce. The republican party are perceived by Mexican immigrant's as agains't them and wanting them deported. As a caucasion, I live among many hard working Hispanic's, and there is hardly any crime where I live here in Virginia.

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