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  • questioningshareholder questioningshareholder Apr 7, 2013 7:49 AM Flag

    FED is changing the game plan in favor of GOLD!

    Silver to move with the change

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Anything the FED does at this point is entirely reactionary; they are a one-trick pony. China and Russia, along with some second tier players, are creating a new gold standard and the world reserve currency status of the $ is drawing to a close (Saudia Arabia will likely be the pivot point and when it goes to accepting other methods of payment the likes of which Ghaddafi and Saddam Hussein elected to take then you'll know the handwriting IS on the wall) the repatriation of all US debt issues, bonds, treasurys, and of course, dollars is underway now, but this new coalition will put that program on steroids as they move against dollar hegemony.... Britain will very likely leave the US high and dry both politically and economically, as they see that handwritingl. Where gold goeth, silver followeth. I wouldn't be in financials or debt issues for love nor money just now. The situation seems quite precarious.

    • Do you perhaps remember during a Congressional hearing when Ron Paul asked Bernookie, “Is gold money?” and Bernookie answered with a flat “NO”. Bernookie is the Robber Barons’ front man. It is unlikely that they will dispense with their agenda of mass robbery through the mechanism of fiat money. You are totally naïve, or maybe attempting to draw people in to placing their money into PMs before the banksters planned bottom to give them a chance to pry more loose from “weak hands”.

      If you have what you consider to be the advice of a known expert on the matter, just post the title of the article. Titles cannot be removed by Yahoo’s attempts at censorship. Otherwise your declaration is just your opinion, and why should that be believable?

    • What makes you think the FEDis changing its gameplan for gold ?

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