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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Apr 8, 2013 7:19 AM Flag

    Spam is part of Yahoo’s tool within the cabal to destroy America

    Notice that Yahoo has cut their costs of doing business by going to India to infect Yahoo PM message boards with spam (*.in is the DNS country code for India). Yahoo is part of the scam to make it seem as if the country is in “economic recovery mode”.

    And Yahoo is part of the conspiracy to see that the Asian Pacific region manages to get the best prices for their PMs, while seeing to it that PM prices (not the paper variety) go skyward after western based manipulators grasp their share of lower prices at the beginning of the session in American markets, leaving many bagholders at the top in mid-session. This happens in about a 3 day cycle of up/down flat., up/down/flat ... etc, with a downward bias to extract PMs from small investors insuring their investment failures in the PM sector.

    If the cycle proves to be as it has in the past today will be a big down-day in American markets for PMs in the “PM Cycles For Dummies”.

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    • "Yahoo is part of the conspiracy". One question: Why?

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      • No corporation grows to the size of Yahoo without being in bed with the banksters. Our whole system in the United States has been set up to benefit corporate interests, from the tax code to the central banking system. Chew on that as you step up to the plate to pay the taxes that corporations escape due to special legislation that exempts corporatons from the level of taxation experienced by individuals. Do you have access to the members of Congress that they have because you have been able to grease the skids of their re-election campaigns?

        We are living in an immensely corrupt paradigm designed to enslave the middle class, of which Yahoo is but one slave-holding member. The head of this outfit is a snake that the Joe Sixpack crowd has been attracted to soleby by appearances. That translates directly to the political spectrum where a good "hairline" trumps the benefits that should be derived from average people using their votes to get representation that is beneficial to them. Maybe there is some hope, at least at the Presidential level, since people didn't like the usage of off-shore tax havens by a candidate that, for whatever else he had to offer, sought to game the system for his benefit. What does that say about whether or not he would have brought fairness into the tax system? However stupidity reigns when there are alternatives to the 2 parties, currently killed by mass media propaganda bought into by the stupid-box crowd.

        The body-politic's thought processes are truly disgusting, and about at the level of Neanderthals.

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