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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Apr 8, 2013 12:08 PM Flag

    For those of us who are considering SLW...

    ... in the future the following article from Seeking Alpha is of interest:

    “Silver Wheaton Shares Could Face Distress”

    Place the above title in your browser to access. Currently it will be at the top of the list. JJ Butler, by the way, is a pseudonym (no relation to Jim Butler).

    Articles like this are of more interest than the multitude of hit pieces against SLW daily on this message board posted without credible sources to Internet titled articles. The analysis seems to be sound but each person should do their own due diligence to come to their own conclusions. Basically what Butler is saying is that SLW has taken on a lot of debt in order to expand its agreements with silver miners while betting on silver price increases. If silver prices would decrease significantly from here SLW would be in financial trouble, just as it was in late ’08 and ’09. It would seem that nothing would make the banksters, their political puppets (like the one referred to above) and otherwise captured interests happier than to see that happen. They always seem to have prevailed in the past...until they won’t.

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    • keep hugging that silver

    • How do we gauge the impact of "declining metals prices" when we know that the trade is solely on paper and does not represent the real price of the metals?

      The Jim WIllie pieces I mentioned on Sunday speaks to the fact that there is an arbitrage opportunity opening up because of the disparity.

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      • The article on pascua lama indicates no issues related to mining claims, which seems to be a continuing theme of one who posts here regularly.

        What seems of more importance to the local people who depend on water from the glaciers is the contamination and supply of water taken for mining purposes. This is not a trivial issue protecting the interests of locals, especially when they must be dependent on their political representatives upholding the promises made by Barrick to not negatively impact the environment to such a degree that it will destroy the local agricultural economy.

        Given how large corporate interests sway the decisions of officialdom, the arguments of locals that they are likely to be negatively impacted are understandable. If locals cannot extract ironclad agreements that promise that the environment will not be substantially and negatively impacted with a cease and desist order against all further continuation of mining operations, then it will become evident that any environmental promises will be broken and locals will need to take whatever steps they deem necessary to protect their interests. This assumes continued monitoring of mining operations.

        Jim Willie is a macro-economist. That is probably the safest and only position to take because predictions on timing are impossible, especially when considering the manipulative ways of central banks, their elitist owners and all those partnering with the banking cartel. His claims of arbitrage taking place in the Shanghai Exchange probably have little meaning to anyone but professionals within the sector. It has been noted however that the price, according to Kitco charts, tends to be lower until trading opens in New York. At that point, immediately upon opening, the price skyrockets to about mid-session on that part of a 3-day cycle, presumably leaving bagholders at higher prices. So the quantity of PMs is not flowing into the small investor market, but rather to elitist circles.

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