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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Apr 11, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    ABX damaged water ways to be evicted from PASCUA hiding CRIMINALCHARGES to Pascua Protocol

    Self confessed to ECOLOGICAL DAMAGE to have permits cancelled to COVER UP mining property fraud+ PONZI SCAM... perhaps via SLW scam bags

    NOT at \Chilean Judicial powers whereat the same JUDGE that ABX said had sued criminally for defrauding ABX has just nailed Canadian lawyer owner of ABX MINERA NEVADA SPA + (filed at SEC as backing up SLW PASCUALAMA CIVIL RICO PONZI) as they were found to be title less and deceiving CRIMINALTRIALFISCAL

    Maria Phyllis Emery lied like ABX at its filed SEC PASCUAPONZI SCAM the same CIVIL ICO FRAUD sold by SLW today in open markets

    FEED LOTS OF CASH to Peter Munk as he flees having delivered AIDS to SLW investors @ PASCUA CIVIL RICO PONZI SCAM

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    • It seems from the Wiki account of Pacua-Lama that much of your protest misses the point. In that regard you are the worst enemy to those who find fault with the project, mostly due to your inability to express yourself in less bloviated terms. In reality this is an environmental issue, and not a mining claim issue, because it involves the complete removal of glaciers in the vicinity of the mine site which negatively affects agricultural interests and the health and safety of local residents due to toxic chemicals commonly used in this type of mining operation.

      Please try to concentrate on the impact that this mine will have on local people and the destruction of the eco-system because that will garner much more sympathy based on the realities of a continuance of the Pascua-Lama project.

      Also, much of what is available in the regions court systems is in Spanish. The area courts are difficult to navigate because the search (buscar) capability has obviously been meant for attorneys. Because of the importance of this issue area courts should be much more forthcoming by providing access to how opposition is proceeding through the relevant legal systems. It lends credence to complaints that legal authorities might be bought and paid for by the corporate mining interests of Barrick which could be mitigated by complete transparency.

      Due to the disallowance of links by Yahoo, attempts to provide information have been rendered much more difficult. In that regard, in a search for the truth we are fighting the same enemy, which is corporate interests seeking to hide issues not complementary to their objectives.

      If you do this you will silence critics of your posts that have a spam-like flavor, and gain adherents. Compelling arguments always win in the end.

      Those who are investors in PMs, but not specifically Barrick, should realize that it is to their benefit that these rare resources can only increase in value if supply is limited through legitimate environmental concerns

    • Quit pointing the finger at SLW,they did nothing wrong you friggin jerk!!!

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