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  • wdp_atkinson wdp_atkinson Apr 15, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

    Golman Sachs Needs to be Stopped

    How can the S.E.C. allow the malicious manipulation of precious metals, and destroy all the World wide wealth? I just don't understand how these thieves are allowed to pull this B/S,and nobody does anything to stop it.The people at the head of this company should all be jailed!!!

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    • Read the new book "The Payoff". Why Wall Street always wins" Explains it all.

    • It's called market capitalism sweetie. People buy, people sell, people talk up whatever serves their own interests. If you're scared to deal with it, then don't play the game. If you were smart enough to be winning, you wouldn't be whining about manipulation. You'd be boring everyone to death with stories of how great an investor you are. The market is what it is and the government can't dumb it down so everyone makes money.

    • Yesterday was a set up through and through!

    • it is not Goldman per se.They operate at the behest of the Fed. It is legal for the Fed to interfere in markets,'for the good of the economy and the country".

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      • Yes I do think you have hit the nail on the head and described exactly what is happening in society. The people do not make the decisions. The government has decided as a few they will now decide what is best for the country in nearly everything. The few things that people do have some control over is setting off bombs or whatever they were at the Boston Marathon. No I do not agree with this. Yet when you push folks far enough they do crazy things. You are going to see much worse things happening in the USA. We are going to reap what we have sown. We go into other folk's countries and tell them what they should do. Now we do the same at home. Sure the rich and powerful are benefitting so they think it is great. You push folks enough and they will push back. The FED, GS, JPM and others have colluded together. Sure the SEC gives GS a fine of 35 million when they make 4 billion illegally. They are laughing all the way to their bar downstairs at the small commission they are required to pay. Things are going to get much worse. You can not live in a society will mostly rights and few responsibilities. Happy trading.

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