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  • marty81274 marty81274 Apr 16, 2013 10:22 AM Flag

    Lost all it's gains for the day

    SLW was up 4.5% this morning only to loose all it's gains in less than an hour.

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    • "Lose" all it's gains, not "loose" them, and it hasn't lost them. You had to know there would be price volatility following the sell-off as weak hands and weak minds sold into every advance. Don't get you knickers in a knot or get pregnant about it. Silver is volatile. Always has been and always will be. Either live with it or buy a big package of Depends. Now go do your spelling homework.

    • "this Last Monday Arizona lawmakers passed a bill that makes precious metals legal tender. Arizona is the second state after Utah to allow gold coins created by the Fed and private mints to be used as currency. More than a dozen states have legislature underway to pass similar measures"

      this is the reason why SLW will hit $200 sooner than later.

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      • Having attempted to answer your message multiple times it has become obvious that censorship relates only to criticisms of protected classes while that which is unfair to others can post. If you “read between the lines” and go to the AZ Legislature website you will know exactly what is being said. You will also know the Yahoo political agenda, since the top tier is part of the Obama Administration, for all practical purposes.

        It is a learning experience that all should engage in if they wish to evaluate what takes place behind the scenes in Yahoo message boards. Like in the practice of the natural sciences, if observations are in total agreement they can infer a hypothesis, which then can become the basis of a scientific proof without knowing any of the other details. Hopefully this will be enlightening to those who have no clue why they are unable to communicate their ideas on Yahoo message boards because their messages get deleted.

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