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  • boldchris boldchris Apr 17, 2013 8:44 PM Flag

    Sorry longs SLW will be trading in the single digits soon...

    they have to mark there inventory to market, the bottom is about to fall out of the " metal market"....

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    • There always seem to be ignorant fools that post their views on this message board. You, boldchris, are one and could be considered armed and more dangerous than the terrorists in Boston. The reason is that the Fed is the reason for the recent decline in the POG. Their attack in order to preserve the world’s fiat currencies is, unfortunately for the Fed and other central banks, having the opposite effect.

      For those that have taken to read this topic and need an antidote for its economic poison, read the following from Antel Fekete titled, “Who Said The Hydra Would Take It Lying Down?”

      Within he states the following:

      “... If Bernanke thought that his attacks on the gold price would stem deflation, well, his efforts were counter-productive, to put it mildly. They have, in fact, made the flight into physical gold accelerate. Permanent backwardation of gold, and its concomitant, the re-invention of barter – the ultimate in deflation – will be the result.

      There is no reason to fear that the Fed is pushing the world into hyper-inflation. In fighting the gold price the Fed unwittingly pushes the world into hyper-deflation.

      All the same, it is destroying the dollar and the international monetary and payments system. ...”

      All can verify this for themselves by attempting to buy physical PMs, only to find that very long delivery dates are now the norm. It won’t be long until PMs will not be available at any price for valueless currency. The implications of this are so dire in its effect on everyday life worldwide that those who continue to bash PM investors need to be called out for this future they are in support of.

    • Dream on shorty, Slw was this low a year ago and rebounded to over $40 by year end. It will again.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • PIGS are still playing kick the can, and our Congress looks a lot more congenial on immigration issues, who knows they might actually pass a budget.

        Conditions are not the same as last year, and we've the voodoo of sell in May to contend with. The commodity bust will make the bottom line for most using commodity sources for manufacture, so the following quarters will squeeze more profit without getting any revenue pop-- so there will be a turnaround--but for silver? What level?

      • dont be so stubborn. this thing was at 2$ 5 years ago . cant rule anything out. sure fundamaentals say silver should be higher. but lets be honesdt bernanke doesnt want metals high. and hell get his way for a bit. same with interest rates. until he eventually loses control.. i wouldnt be loading up the truck on slw.. and dont hate me for saying that. trying to look out for fellow gold and silver bugs. were going much higher but until the us looks as bad as other countries(which it will soon) if it takes another year or two the downtrend could continue. not to mention the emotional tolll gold took on investors lately with the crash . when ppl sense panic things can go a lot lower than u think when everyone is hitting sell. be careful.

    • That's only the paper silver market. Out of curiosity I called a minting concern today and asked about price and delivery of a lot of 500 one ounce silver rounds. I was quoted nearly a buck and a half over spot and a 4 week lead time to ship. "Silver supplies are very tight right now and demand is brisk."

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