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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Apr 19, 2013 10:49 AM Flag

    Kitco Live Charts, Interactive

    Kitco apparently recently has been dragged kicking and screaming into an update of their live charts for PMs since other chart services have displayed varying time spans for quite some time. Kitco now has“Interactive” versions.

    However if you look closely at how they are displayed they are noted as “Beta”. And you are unable to save the various charts as silver, gold, etc. All charts default to “Gold” and you must select the chart you are interested in separately without the ability to save it in Favorites, Bookmarks or whatever your browser terms a saved link. Apparently this is a function of Adobe Flash Player and either Kitco programmers haven’t figured out how to make a distinction between the various charts, or Adobe hasn’t provided a way to easily do so.

    A link would be provided, but as you know Yahoo doesn’t allow hardly any links unless part of the URL contains “yahoo”.

    For those who want a non-Beta chart service with varying time spans they may favor the “goldprice” chart service. Again, the link would be provided except for the fact that this message would be deleted if this was done.

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    • Ooops.

      There is a Tab on the Interactive Chart page that is titled “Link to chart”. This can be pasted instead of your saved Kitco link that defaults to “Gold” so you can access the different charts directly. There is a direct way provided indicated by a “Star” button on the right but it indicates some maximum” has been reached, so a direct save isn’t possible. Since this is a “work in progress” (Beta), maybe that will be addressed later.

      In the past Kitco has managed to place unwanted “cookies” on your computer when not directly using their website. If YOU don’t mind activating “cookies” perhaps the “Star” button won’t give an error message. Here this type of information is NEVER provided with all the manipulation going on in the securities markets. It seems better to not give websites any more than is necessary to get the information so as not to be put at a disadvantage to those that manipulate markets in an environment where illegal behavior is ignored.

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