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  • dennislawus2 dennislawus2 Apr 21, 2013 4:32 PM Flag

    The fat lady will tell us when the lights will turn on......

    In the end the fraud will collapse due to psychology.
    It will be like a light switch being flicked on from off.
    Since the collapse of Bretton Woods and devolution into pure irredeemable paper money the only thing that separated the continuation of the fraud and the collapse was psychology. As long as a populace is willingly duped and accepts nothing as something then the fraud will continue. This is why over the last few decades so much effort has been engaged by the first use of the debt ‘money’ contrived into existence to shape what we think and even if we think. For example:
    1) Wall Street stressed perpetual growth into layer upon layer of more complex leverage;
    2) Madison Avenue stressed the natural state of debt and instant gratification…..”Do not leave home without it!”…..”put a little weekend in your week!”
    3) Healthcare became place where common emotions were medicated away by a dispensary of mood altering drugs
    4) Pharmaceutical companies designed hammer drugs and every common emotion became a syndrome and therefore a market to nail
    5) Media provided an immersion into the unnatural state that was to be accepted
    6) The end results being those that see the contrivance are the eccentric odd man out.

    Whatever the form the manipulation takes and even considering the varied forms combined effects the sober clear thinking minds will have their day. Reality cannot be held in suspended animation forever. At some point the animation is seen for what it is and the participants will demand nature itself. The psychological light switch will be turned on. Standing in the light with our eyes wide open we will see that the game is over.

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    • Post of the year there dennislawus !!! Way back a few thousand years in Egypt during a famin caused by a dry Nile river barley sold for its literal weight in gold.. Got a couple years food supply in addition to your physical silver-gold and SLW guys ?

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      • It does not go over well when you see the fraud everyone else chooses to ignore. The parent paying the birthday party magician gets mad when you call the magician on his sleight of hand. When little Bobby Murphy said “He did not pull the rabbit out of his hat….the rabbit was hidden in the trap door in that table he set his hat on! Or “The playing card did not disappear it is hidden up the sleeve of his jacket!” Parents tend to say to other parents “Do not invite that Murphy kid to your party he is a brat!” Why is it we want to believe in the easy way? The worst Christmas was the first one you knew there was no Santa and that it is all a fraud. How many more layers of fraud must we discover throughout our life?
        It is a dangerous thing to take things at face value. Perhaps it is more dangerous to think you have it all figured out. Monty Hall had a way of giving the too inquisitive contestant a year’s supply of Turtle Wax.
        We have been warned “Do not pay attention to the man behind the curtain!” and “Do not fight the Fed!” How do we reconcile the discomfort of the evil façade before us with the dangers of calling the Potemkin Village for what it is. It is not wise to succumb to fraud and evil. You are not treated as a hero for revealing the fraud for the evil it is. Maybe the truth of the matter is there is no “easy way”. In the end we need to do what others refuse. We need to do what is unpopular. We need to do what is uncomfortable. We need to use our talents. We need to keep our dignity.
        You just have to do what you have to.

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