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  • allwaysonthebid allwaysonthebid Apr 26, 2013 2:35 PM Flag

    There is a strong case to be made as to why one should own SLW over physical and the SLV

    Point #1 SLW is trading for less than the cost of one ounce of silver, it pays a dividend and is highly profitable not to mention if you believe in higher silver prices in the future SLW should deliver a leveraged return to silver.
    Poing #2 Buying physical right now is going to cost you a very high premium.... lets say physical is trading at a 10% premium (small in comparison to where premiums really are but for arguments sake lets say 10%) by buying SLW instead you have already cushioned yourself by 10% as that would be the waisted premium paid for physical... Hence in closing if one is looking to buy say 100 ounces of physical its going to run at least $2650 where it will only be worth after purchase roughly 2400 so why not just buy SLW with the 2650 which gets you roughly 110 shares for the same price and a 10% cushion over physical....

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    • I really dont get your points and explanations ... SLW is a trust company which should be measured on its earnings and not silver.

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      • my point is that buying silver today for example is either because you believe price is going higher or to preserve your wealth. as SLW generally tracks silver you can buy a silver tracker with a dividend for less than what one ounce of silver will cost you and without a premium.... If silver moves up 10% your physical will be roughly break even whereas SLW will most certianly be up and you get the dividend. All i am saying is that for less than the price of an ounce you can get your hands on a share of a dividend paying company which will benefit from a higher silver price is all... If it doesnt make sense to you thats fine but at these prices youre getting SLW at a discount versus silver itself...

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