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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Apr 28, 2013 7:18 AM Flag

    30 April-3 May Eco Calendar: Europe Rears Ugly Head, while FOMC Foams Tuesday-ish

    Monday Apr 29
    Personal Income and Outlays 8:30 AM ET, Pending Home Sales Index 10:00 AM ET, Dallas Fed Mfg Survey
    10:30 AM ET: 4-Week Bill Announcement 11:00 AM ET, 3-Month Bill Auction 11:30 AM ET, 6-Month Bill Auction
    11:30 AM ET, 2-Yr Note Settlement, 5-Yr TIPS Settlement, 7-Yr Note Settlement, FOMC Meeting Begins

    Tuesday Apr 30
    ICSC-Goldman Store Sales 7:45 AM ET, Employment Cost Index 8:30 AM ET, Redbook 8:55 AM ET, S&P Case-Shiller HPI 9:00 AM ET, Chicago PMI, 9:45 AM ET, Consumer Confidence 10:00 AM ET, State Street Investor Confidence Index 10:00 AM ET, 4-Week Bill Auction 11:30 AM ET, 52-Week Bill Auction 11:30 AM ET
    Farm Prices 3:00 PM ET, Bank Reserve Settlement, Motor Vehicle Sales

    Wednesday May 1
    MBA Purchase Applications 7:00 AM ET, ADP Employment Report 8:15 AM ET, PMI Manufacturing Index
    8:58 AM ET, Treasury Refunding Announcement 9:00 AM ET, 3-Yr Note Announcement 9:00 AM ET,
    10-Yr Note Announcement 9:00 AM ET, 30-Yr Bond Announcement 9:00 AM ET, ISM Mfg Index 10:00 AM ET,
    Construction Spending 10:00 AM ET, EIA Petroleum Status Report 10:30 AM ET, FOMC Meeting Announcement 2:00 PM ET, Weekly Bill Settlement, 52-Week Bill Settlement,

    Thursday May 2
    Challenger Job-Cut Report 7:30 AM ET, International Trade 8:30 AM ET, Jobless Claims 8:30 AM ET, Productivity and Costs 8:30 AM ET, Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index 9:45 AM ET, EIA Natural Gas Report
    10:30 AM ET 3-Month Bill Announcement 11:00 AM ET 6-Month Bill Announcement 11:00 AM ET, Fed Balance Sheet 4:30 PM ET, Money Supply 4:30 PM ET

    Friday May 2
    Employment Situation 8:30 AM ET, Factory Orders, 10:00 AM ET, ISM Non-Mfg Index 10:00 AM

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    • Goldilocks week. Jobs needs neutrality to upward bias, mebbe, mebbe not. #$%$ shoot.

    • Greeks vote early Monday morning EST to buy into austerity measures and get the first traunch of Bankster cash from IMF. Huge hurdle done early.

    • The long Pole in the tent is really Greek to me, on Tuesday they shower all over the agreement to be austere to qualify for handouts by the European Banksters, and create chaos all over again just on the cusp of pending home sales, which should show flat to down, as folks pull in their horns where they can to take advantage of home price increases. Looks like joesixpac may know something about supply and demand that all the pundits don't. That is, if you bought anytime after 2004 and don't have to sell--don't.

      Amidst wailing and phoney lamentations, the Fed will announce no change, maybe repeat "how are we going to get out of this" and answer quietly, never. The moment we get one quarter pop in overnight rates, whether by leaps or bounds (one quarter per quarter 2015 was announced two sessions ago as a guage, and drove the markets into the toilet). In the meantime, silver is recovering by staggering leaps and pullbacks, all designed to make traders money, and the Fed's answer to economic woes, dump more money on banksters does nothing to help joesixpac.

      Can you refi yet? Home prices have just begun to brush 2004 buying levels. They need 25% to go to work their way back to 2007 levels. That's three to four years under best case scenario--more like 2023, so all the wailing and gnashing of teeth meets the loss of Bernookie January 2014, which isn't very far off, and will put a lid on the markets, just the opposite of what is intended.

      Traders playing silver and gold are doing just that, trading. With two to five percent daily swings, it's a jungle out there. Don't get et.


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      • Pending home sales is split into two categories, right?
        Existing and new.
        If "Joe sixpack knows something bout supply and demand the pundits don't" and is not selling due to implied reasoning, then sales of new homes should rise according to your logic.

        Personally,a bad dream tells me it's all whitewash. The data we are being fed (which was at one time close to real) is as bad as accounting in Haiti. Those in power control the data.
        We learned from the Chinese,who learned from us,cept we started practicing it after seeing how they control public sentiment.
        And the Japanese now have Abenomics, learning from us.
        For almost 2 weeks now, we are reading about how some Pachech brought Boston to a halt and they want us to believe it's a lone pachech.
        The news is no longer focused on the pachech in Pyong Gong. After all, pressure cookers are far easier to buy than nukes.
        What me worry was far more believable and enjoyable, and trustworthy, than the Times of NY of the office of management and budget for that matter.
        Let's hope Lloyd and Goldman and the management at JP let the shine back in for a while. We could all use a turbo thrust of B12 to our checking accounts.

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