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  • deliciouspoke deliciouspoke Apr 30, 2013 7:28 AM Flag

    S0, now a three week WAIT for physical delivery of 100 oz SILVER bar

  Dr Lee would say "Something Wrong". Inventory seems to be all sold out everywhere.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The pricing in the PM markets indicates that they are trending towards permanent “backwardation”. This is the final state before hyperinflation, where no amount of “legal tender” will satisfy those who may be vendors of PMs. The premiums being quoted for dollar amounts over published spot prices are an indicator of backwardation. There are many good accounts of this on the Internet. Look up Antal Fekete and his many articles on the phenomenon.

      Backwardation is characterized by PM pricing in the futures market (paper gold) where the price for future delivery is lower than the current spot price. Observe your question and ask yourself if you might be describing “backwardation”. Hoarding of PMs is taking place because of a loss of confidence in paper money making PMs unavailable. Get assurances from any PM vendor that they will deliver to you as promised according to the delay they are quoting, or else you might only expect to get your “money” back. This is already happening in some large transactions that have taken place at bullion exchanges in the UK where customer were unable to take delivery and had to accept paper money instead.

    • North West Terriorial Mint is 8-10 weeks who are you buying it from at only 3 weeks,

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