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  • coachd40 coachd40 May 13, 2013 1:58 AM Flag

    Pretty content with SLW given what's happened with gold and silver prices

    Solid dividend, solid revenues, increasing contracts, etc.

    If gold and silver go nowhere this stock could still go up - but if gold and silver go up then this one could skyrocket. It's a ride worth the price of admission. Any drop at all will be a good enough excuse to add to my position.

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    • Dont forget SLW is banking tons of cash every qtr. for new deals on the cheap and or paying off their latest big one meanwhile the mines are increasing production all along.. Now all they need is for silver to go up some. My investment has the 2017 timeline payoff in mind.. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Anyone with a HALF a BRAIN knows and understands that SLW is a winner and there's very little downside at this point with the potential of a 30% + gainer by end of year!

      Just look at the fundamentals and now actually have a VISION and project what their profitability is going to be when Silver gets back to $30+ a share!

      I'm not thinking BIG or being unrealistic, I'm thinking with RATIONALE & REASON here...This is easy money, start to accumulate and get ready for some nice returns by EOY!

    • SLW missed 20% on rev (cause commodity prices went down) but only missed 5% on earnings. So the net margin was much better than expected. Moreover they confirmed their annual production target. It means more profits going forward. Finally they recognized the craziness in prices amending the dividend. I think it was a very positive ER.

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