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  • marty81274 marty81274 May 18, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

    When 90% of people are bearish

    I think it's time to buy aggressively.

    Everybody is bashing gold, Silver and miners. while everybody is strong bullish on the stock market.
    Isn't this a sign that things are about to turn.

    I have read a few articles on Kitco, and it seems that Silver, gold and miners are on the verge of a breakout.

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    • I know my lehman stock is doing very well.
      I am also loving eastman kodak and patriot coal.

    • What is this progression in the timing of the Dow’s nominal peak relative to the Dow/Gold ratio telling us? Is this a natural progression or is it proving how increasingly bigger efforts are applied to artificially prop up the stock markets?

      Whatever the reason, it has created a setup for a massive financial panic. Value is likely to run from paper assets to silver and gold like never before. While the first part of this collapse of paper assets has been relatively controlled; the last phase is far more likely to result in chaos. This means that the Dow’s collapse could be vicious.

      At the same time, after having had a relatively subdued rise since the beginning of this bull market, silver could explode higher like never before, once the bottom is in. The current decline is likely to bring attractive opportunities to increase physical silver positions.

      I keep reading articles like this and silver keeps going down as the dollar soars. I feel until the fed says it will end the pumping silver is going to tank. This inflated market is crazy as I am down huge in silver stocks. Though I know if I sell silver will go up ten points in a month.

    • I strongly believe while everyone is so bearish on gold and silver, this is probably the best buying opportunity there will ever be. Gold and silver are commodities that are highly manipulated as we all know by the big guys. Be patient and reap some very large profits. That's how the the hedge funds make there money!

    • Possible, but most people can be right about anything.

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