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  • marty81274 marty81274 Jun 11, 2013 12:38 PM Flag

    What is with POS in the last few days anyways

    People, analysts keep bragging SLW with a target of 33$ for end of year.
    At this rate it will be 5$ instead of 33$.

    I am sick and tired of this stock

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    • What did you not hear?

      Chilean Judicial system accepted a criminal lawsuit of MSX v ABX and ABX is toasted out of Pascua now?

      My oh my.... SLW bought a swindling from insider top executives that in complicity of ABX and BCSC regulators ROMULO DI FONZO decided to allow ABX to try to complete theft of PASCUA asset, even after MIna Pascua owner lawyer in Vancouver, warned BCSC regulator Di Fonzo and ABX + SLW lawyer and top executive that fled with ABX Borg and Patrick Garver with riches after the scam was consumated at public markets.

      Sad eh? MSX is now the only hedge SLW may have at Pascua

      SLW stands to be charged and its top executives charged criminally after sending MSX shareholders mesages via internet that SLW was in favor of ABX public lies that ABXC owned TESOROS concessions and never Mr. Lopehandia or MSX

      Chilean Justice system begs to differ with ABX and SLW and has accepted criminal charges laid to ABX by MSX legal team.

      There goes the second eye of ABX + SLW now they6 are all legally blind at Pascua less corporate PONZI SCHEEME to sell and never deliver Silver... a MARKET SWINDLE OF THE THIRD KIND

      MSX is the only answer to the markets at Pascua after ABX is now charged criminally in Chile by ABX

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