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  • voltran3 voltran3 Jun 18, 2013 5:02 PM Flag

    Is it time to buy?


    Don't answer this question if you are short.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • boy thats the question eh......been holding on holding on, each wave lower has me chomping.....this lookslike blood in the streets or irrational sell off.but I wonder if theres a reaaaaaaal bottom crash like 2009 what this stock look like? 14? 7? remember GE@ 6 KOL @ 9 silver at $9 spot gld @ $69? that was just 4-5 years ago.
      you could start nibbling but the real bottom is yet to arrive. just don't buy on margin. then you can hang on.

    • I bought some SLV Today.
      I hesitate to touch SLW because I don't know how they evaluate their Inventory and Asset.
      Actually, I worry about how much write down SLW will show up in Q2/2013.
      Silver is too much below total production cost, someday it should climb back.

    • No, unless you want to say goodbye to your money. I don't think the gold and silver stocks are going to bounce right back as they will go down and have a long drawn out basing period designed to rid the PM stocks of the last of the hopeless longs. I was looking at the gold stocks after i read your post and almost all of them are in the low single digits. I just took a long position here at 22.70 and guess what it looks like they are going to give me a good screw job as it fell through 22.70 right after I bought. I've decided to get the "F" out of these manipulated fake markets by closing my accounts and purchase physical silver and putting it in a safe at home. I've always said of the money scamming market "If you are right they will make you wrong and if you are wrong they will really make you wrong"

    • No short position in the stock now, nor has there been a significant position even near the highs Voltran. That is actually more bad news IMO in that no short covering to fuel a rally in the absence of heavy institutional buying and managed money will certainly stay away until the PM technicals improve convincingly.

      I'm forced to agree with the other posters that responded to your question. Both they and myself think the YTD low @21.45 (multi-year) is TOAST and the 18-19 range is next up. Inflation is just nowhere in sight and the specter of a Fed bond buying halt is only sapping PM enthusiasm further.

      At best, no hurry rushing in to the miners, streamers, or PM ETFs just yet.


    • jenniferphu Jun 20, 2013 1:16 AM Flag

      SLW is a strong company. If you look at the silver prices in 2010 (same as now) and headed to the $30's per share. The only downfall right now is that all mining companies are taking a hard hit. This equals the downside of investors like yourself, being uncertain of the market. It has been 3 months since it is sitting at $22-24 range. I will wait a little longer to see where this is headed to before a bottom. I loaded up on stocks at $22 and long SLW. Will buy more shortly.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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