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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jun 20, 2013 1:48 PM Flag

    Buy Buy insiders will be sued like ABX by shareholders and foes SLW = disgraceful CIVIL RICO PONZI scam

    You were forwarned

    These despicable marauders of public cash, stole the bottom of your investment

    Fleeced your wallets for the benefit of insiders only

    Manipulation of metals markets while all costs to produce metals are up, is the most rigged attempt to eliminate wealth from within ABX + SLW v. innocent shareholders.

    MSX has the clubb and Royal Flush in spades at Pascua, the only hedge v. PASCUA PONZI SCAM

    In Chile news of ABX bribes to presidents of Chile and Argentina, can only place PASCUA PONNZI further and further from SLW tainted exchange and banks documentation andÀSCUA LAMA PROSPECTUS

    feed insiders as they need cash to spend in forthcoming anfry shareholders lawsuits due to Pascua fraud

    ABX shareholders are smarter as SLW shall be last to collect on an emptied carcass of ABX

    Your cash is GONERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • June 10, 2013


      Mountainstar Gold Inc. (the Company) ( MSX-CNSX) updates its shareholders and investors at large, with the following news from their Chilean lawyer, Ms. Barbara Salinas Acuna.

      Ms. Barbara Salinas Acuna reports that she has presented on behalf of Mountainstar Gold Inc., a criminal lawsuit against the legal representatives of Minera Nevada SpA (Barrick Gold Corporation), to the 7th Court of Guarantee of Santiago, on charges of falsification of public documents and / or intentional malicious use of the same. This is in connection with the issuance of Decree 179 by the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, relating to the Pascua Lama Protocol between Chile and Argentina, which includes the Tesoros concessions.

      The 7th Court of Guarantee of Santiago, accepted the charges and declared admissible the criminal complaint (case # 1210024016-3) for falsification and / or malicious use of a false public instrument, that the attorney Barbara Salinas along with attorney Alejandro Muñoz presented, representing Mountainstar Gold Inc.

      The lawsuit is against Mr. Derek James Riehm and Ms. Laura Phyllis Maria Emery, both legal representatives of Minera Nevada SPA, which in turn is the Chilean company owned by Barrick Gold Corporation, now suspended for serious environmental offences at Pascua Lama.

      Lawyer, Barbara Salinas, was very satisfied with the acceptance of the charges #111-#112-#113 under the Chilean penal code, by Judge Freddy Antonio Cubillos Jofre, of the 7th Court of Guarantee of Santiago. This first processing step welcomes the complaint and initiates the subsequent criminal investigation by the Fiscalia Centro Norte.

      The complaint centres around the fact that Minera Nevada SPA does not have title to the mineral concessions of Tesoros Uno 1-30 and Tesoros Doce 1-5. The entitled holder of these concessions is Mr. Jorge Rodrigo Lopehandia, joint venture partner with Mountainstar Gold Inc.

      The fraudulent claims by Barrick's subsidiary, Minera Nevada SPA, with regard to the Tesoros titles, become relevant to the Pascua Lama Protocol having being instituted for the purposes of mining under false pretences.

      This new criminal lawsuit, filed by Ms. Salinas on behalf of Mountainstar Gold Inc., coupled with the environmental issues facing Barrick Gold Corporation, suggests that Barrick (ABX) has not acted in accordance with Chilean laws.

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