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  • shthouse_rat shthouse_rat Jun 24, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

    TD Ameritrade SLW shares available now to sell short

    This is what happens just before huge collapses....seen it before with other shorts..............Hedge funds tie up most of the shares and will short it into the ground .

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    • What short interest? There isn't any on a percent basis of the float. Not that it matters much because the hedge funds are all in ZSL and gold short ETFs betting against "anybody and everybody" vulnerable to falling spot prices.

      Whats next? A bull run for the dollar?

      Not good here agreed, but keep the nonsensical to a minimum if it's possible for you. Your ramblings have zero effect on the difficulties mounting within this industry. The carnage is unfolding "exactly" the same as it is even if you never existed.


    • Sad but true. The hope & holds usually ride it down for big loses. That comes from my own experience. This is a great short now that silver prices are dropping. The metal bubble final popped. Great run for a long while though

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      • GREAT short at the 52 week low .... Are you nuts! it was a great short at $40 and even $32 but below $20 ... smart money is buying

        Where were all these brilliant hedge funds at $40 ... all long! Yep they sure know what their doing! When ever too many get on one side of a trade it goes in the opposite direction! The smart money has covered their shorts ... the commercial traders are now net long first time since 2001! ... but go short after a huge decline!

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