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  • carolyn99 Jun 28, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    You people want to bet the dollar???????????

    Tell you what...spending more than we have, printing $$$ like it is going out of style. WE DO HAVE INFLATION...and you want to bet on UUP? When it all comes tumbling down...rather have those metals than paper money worth NADA

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    • I 100% agree with you but can you please tell me your overall game plan? For example when we see incredible gains in these stocks then what? Convert it to the #$%$ paper money that caused us to see gains in the first place? Hope you time if just right so you can take gains, cash out, and convert it to tangible PM's? I can never seem to get a good answer on this or a solid strategy that makes sense. In my opinion there are very little places to preserve long term wealth these days. How is seeing gains in a trading account or on a computer screen any different unless we have a safe way to convert and preserve those gains? Any thoughts?

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      • I have a lot of SLW and SAND stock plus physical but I am beginning to think the 'fiat" dollar is perhaps more strongly backed than is commonly understood. The dollar is backed by oil and that is backed by the US Armed Forces. I wonder if the argument that the dollar is merely paper is erroneous.

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      • ajmichael777,

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        hope this helps.

    • Damn straight anybody saying that silver is going down is an idiot .
      Comes October " its over "This stock is 60+

    • tulsadevlin Jun 28, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

      Yanke dollar rises for now, but FALL is comming.

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