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  • cadmium_nitrate cadmium_nitrate Jun 28, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    Haha !! SHORTS getting KILLED ! Fun to watch !

    See you @ 24 again real soon.

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    • With all the data the NSA gathers, whose to say they don’t take a poll to see which side of trades everyone is engaging in, then pass it on to their gansta/banksta friends. So whatever your take is, if it is shared by many others all they have to do is make you all capitulate to get their loot. Since its all highly secret you can’t disprove the premise.

      An old engineer told us a WWII story about when he worked for Lockheed. There was a “secret room” that was funded by the government, but even the government at the time didn’t know what was going on within, so no one knew where the money that was spent there was being used for. Actually they were developing a machine to pit olives, which at the time was an impossible task to do manually. The war ended and all of a sudden pitted canned olives became available that anyone could afford with the machine developed in the “secret room”.

      Don’t doubt the fact that the banksters are really running the NSA so they can rip everyone off that is investing in the PM arena. That’s why no one should be too sure where the bottom of this market is. After all, the banksters really work hand in hand with the IRS, and the IRS had a hand in determining who got tax exempt status in the last election, and whose applications were ignored (Tea Party, for example).

    • Yep....if you got short on Monday morning open...and are lost money this week.....and....
      Next week you will lose more.

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