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  • carolyn99 Jul 1, 2013 11:55 AM Flag

    The Dollar is Dying and....

    for anyone (fredrickson) who can't figure that out is MORE THAN OBTUSE

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    • fredrickson.loceng Jul 1, 2013 1:42 PM Flag

      I am very much long GOLD & SILVER!!! Physical and paper. I short no investment. I choose not to gain off of the misfortune of others. I do not much care for folks that do!!!

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      • “I choose not to gain off of the misfortune of others.”

        You are dealing with a cartel composed of gangsters, or banksters, take your pick. They don’t care how moral a person you are, and knowing that you are, you will be worthy of plunder and they will do so. These elitists start and fund wars for their personal gain. They believe the planet is too populated and are looking for ways to kill off millions to de-populate it.

        The best you can do is to protect your interests and hope that all non-bankster types will do the same. That means attempting to analyze their moves. If you can do so successfully, then post your success and how you were able to prevail. That is the only way we can rid ourselves of these criminals. We must be able to accurately predict and broadcast their moves to destroy their hoped for plunder. This, by the way, has been a rare and almost non-existent success among the “goldbug” community and those who editorialize on the Internet, so don’t think you don’t have a lot of company if your successes are few and far between. The banksters hold all the cards because they are not restricted by any legal requirements.

        Just think what YOU could do, were you able to take paper money, multiply it at a copy center and spend it without being jailed. That is the foe all non-banksters are all up against that some would say is “legally” entitled to do so (Huh?). We are constrained by the “law”. Banksters are not. They have bought the support of governments to allow them free reign to do as they please, and destroy those through the media and other means that are not in sympathy with their agenda.

    • Not just the dollar. We are in the midst of a massive currency war and it is a race to the bottom. Gold, silver and most commodities are going to have huge rallies from here. Gold will be above $5,000 by 2020 as the central banks lose control and paper money falls like so much confetti from the skies.

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