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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 10, 2013 11:53 PM Flag

    SLW + ABX found to be a RACKET peddling CIVIL RICO at Pascua Ponzi scheeme worldwide = RUN!!!!!

    SLW ahall very soon inherit lawsuits that shall eat it alive as it is the case with ABX


    irresponsible insiders knew that ABX was title less 2009

    Insiders profiteering was preferred

    Insidrs dumped on the know to erase INVESTORS PROFIT and principal invested

    ABX + SLW hold mutual stocks to FLEECE THE PUBLIC

    SLW sold and peddled ABX owns TESOROS concessions and MINERA NEVADA SpA filed at SEC and OSC as PASCUA LAMA OWNER already admitted at second Civil Court of Vallenar its PASCUA - TESOROS titles illegally filed as owned at PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL and SEC + SLW books simply...


    SLW and Barrick will feel the wrath as they exit the markets directly to MINERS HALL OF SHAME

    physical metals shall soar from manipulated CIVIL RICO daily trades, hammering prices as cost to produce metals soar.

    TOXIC PAPER SHUFFLING needs attacks to physical metal prices to settle the fraud indoors as markets are RIGGED what a shame..

    Before investing one penny, go to ABX BOARDS and read, will save you money and aggravations

    have a safe investing by running aay from these thugs desecrators of the words CLEAN HONEST MARKETS and DEMOCRACY

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