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  • arizona_guy77 arizona_guy77 Jul 12, 2013 8:16 AM Flag

    It was a one day rally

    Silver is down today. We can never get more then one good day before we go back down again. With the fed pumping from now until the cows come home it really seems to help the markets much more then it does silver. The question is will silver ever rally? It seems to me the fed pumping has to end and people have to leave the stock market before we are going to see any decent rally. Thoughts?

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    • While most understand what you've submitted, the other paradigm is that as the FED (and all other central banks) continue to puke new money into existence that the ensuing inflation would cause the dollar to drop in value relative to anything of substance and thus push the metals higher, too.

      I'll grant you one thing... It's a screwed up situation, one where if we accept things for their face value, the only explanation is manipulation. It seems to be the only factor that we can use to make sense of the situation.

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      • For a clearer understanding of central banks money printing, inflation, and the precious metals currently under siege, there is a "must read" article by Adam Hamiton released today on the 321gold website. Extremely informative and articulates the fundamental reasons why PM's will violently correct/reverse to the long term upward trend. The article is titled, "Gold's QE3 Anomaly".

      • It is utterly amazing that the crooks in the central banks and Wall Street are getting away, literally, with unseen murder. There are things which could/should be done that aren’t even being talked about in a substantive way by politicians at the Federal level, such as a return to the Glass-Steagall act. Jon Corzine, who was allowed to steal investors’ segregated funds at MF Global is still free as a bird. It’s as if they wish to ultimately allow these criminal financial issues to fester to such a level that people are going to have to take to the streets, which is something they should have done long ago. OWS has been quiet and out of the news for a long time. Maybe they are regrouping to see to it that they are more organized the next time, hopefully, and infiltrators with an agenda to damage their message will not be allowed to participate, or ejected in a very public manner that can’t be ignored.

        Some news sources listened to here suggest that perhaps the only options are mass protests to wake people from their lethargy over what is being done to their standard of living from the over-arching power of the politicos and the criminals in the financial sector, in particular how the Fed has grasped even more control over the seeming rise in the Dow Jones and other major indexes to give the appearance of a recovery in the face of real job losses. Much of the “growing prosperity” has been manufactured by ignoring statistics that take all into account. This is exactly the type of government activity that took place in the USSR. It no longer is news, generally speaking. It is propaganda.

        The problem with change is that much that took place up until 1910 was for the better, and the question to be asked is how much of the damage that took place afterwards can be removed. It should be remembered that it was the Wilson Administration, through the American Red Cross, that brought Communism to Russia by backing the Bolshevik Revolution, ultimately creating the USSR.

    • Canine Cuntings shorts must be getting awfully tight today.. LMAO

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