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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Jul 17, 2013 4:34 AM Flag

    Bernookie Alert! Bernookie Alert!! Speech Releases Early, 0830 EST 17 July

    Rarely does the Wizard of Fed speak much before the market opens--but his prepared remarks are going to be given to Congress 0830 EST so they can have an aide read them and try to make them understand what Bernookie will be touting.

    Which will be, tapering is coming, when we see the stats, and while the stats show improvement because now we're counting 10 hour work weeks instead of full time jobs this past year (employers avoid Obummercare that way)--there's still a little bob and weave going on here, and since I just killed the housing recovery by jawboning the end of stimulus, it's, uh, up to Congress to get off its dead gridlocked #$%$ and DO something to help the economy.

    But not me.

    I am leaving Jan '14. See how that works?

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    • stimulus, both asset purchases and ultra-low interest rates (ZIRP), will not end any time soon. In fact, if they deem it necessary, they have the latitude to increase asset purchases from the current $85B/month to as much as they need to reach their two mandatory targets for unemployment and inflation (of course, both stats being completely massaged and nearly fabricated to their liking each month).

      Translation...Fed balance sheet will zoom past $4Trillion shortly, and by 2015 will be approaching $6Trillion.

      QE to inifnity;
      there's no turning back, no matter how they jawbone it periodically.

      got silver, in hand?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • and of course, the response to this totally predictable path of massive dollar devaluation for the foreseeable future is for JPM to take some of those free printed dollars and smack paper gold and silver contracts lower as soon as the Fed is done speaking. Look there, PMs just got hit (as usual)....when they should be the things rising faster than anything else.

        Time to go to my local coin shop and clean him out again, at this ridiculously discounted spot price.
        : )

        Thx Ben, thx JPM.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The finance wizards and media must be short, and the tea leave readers must have Alzheimers alright, because the release is pretty neutral, restates the Fed's intention to start tapering later this year, but still indicates the unemployment rate SUCKS and probably won't get to target by end of '14.

      The market isn't buying the gloom and doom, and has absorbed the data, and looks to be rallying. Even silver is up a smidge.

      There you go.

    • Ben's tea leaves reader is suffering from Alzheimers.

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