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  • canine_cunning canine_cunning Jul 19, 2013 6:33 PM Flag

    #$%$ article about silver producers forcing silver price higher


    Girls, as long as the much corrupted cftc allows silver short counterparties, aka wall street weasel banks/funds, to settle with PAPER SILVER or DIGITAL SILVER, instead of only PHYSICAL silver, then it is IMPOSSIBLE for silver to move higher to any degree.

    Reason: the wall street short counterparties can dump INFINITE amounts of PAPER/DIGITAL silver into the market and keep prices FALLING FOREVER. LOL LOL LOL Without the imperative of providing PHYSICAL SILVER only, the silver price is 100% CERTAIN TO CRASH into the toilet.

    That is why there is ZERO logic to place a single dollar into anything gold, silver, and WORTHLESS today......and that is why slw remains one of THE most preposterous obscene mega bubbles in US stock history....and you name any of its fast dying gold/silver suppliers, and I can assure you they are not going to be able to continue providing slw any silver....and that means the mega bubble slw is on a fast track to a share price well below 1.00 a share, sooner than later.

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