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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Jul 23, 2013 9:49 PM Flag

    OT: Amazing U.S. Treasury accounting

    When you visit the US Treasury website ( you can find the U.S debt "to the penny" for any given date. And, amazingly, that official government website informs us that the national debt on 5/17/2013 rose to $16.737 trillion. And since that date the total debt has only risen $1 billion to $17.738 trillion as of yesterday, 7/22/2013.

    I guess we have our deficit spending problem well in hand as it is only growing by $1 billion every 2 months. I just can't imagine what those other government accounts look like having been raided by Jack Lew on a daily basis!

    So what's my point? Stay long with gold and silver.

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    • Ultimately the ledger will be balanced and the debt money boys will be "in the red".

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      • “Ultimately the ledger will be balanced and the debt money boys will be "in the red".

        Give us your best guess as to when that will happen. Since the Fed has been in existence since December 24, 1913, might that be 2113, long after Bernanke. Greenspan, et al are dead and buried (not to mention the rest of us)?

        We believe the only chance that debt money will be put out of existence is when the usual suspects are imprisoned or executed according to the US Constitution. Now that might put us at risk of becoming more than just meta data, which only demonstrates that Snowden’s flight to avoid US kangaroo courts was a smart move. Americans have become cowardly, careless with how they regard the fragility of their liberty and with a component of stupidity encouraged by mass media broadcasters that gives the Federal Reserve bansksters confidence that they can conduct their fraudulent business as usual.

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