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  • jeffreydavis173 jeffreydavis173 Jul 28, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    When is a good time to step in and purchase SLW?

    When is a good time to step in and purchase SLW?

    Will it retrace and go back to the $18.00-$19.00 price?

    I would buy it at that price and not miss the opportunity I missed a couple weeks ago.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • An investor wouldn't ask that question.
      A trader SHOULDN'T ask that question.

    • i think it hits 24.60 or so and gets sent back down...will it retest the bottom no one knows........the sentiment on the board here is negative which means to me a buying time is here.......where is your decision!! SLW will be higher in Jan/Feb

    • 20.75 may be the low for a long time, IF we get there! Price is in a "Box" now, will break up or down soon. STO's say down, but not for long

    • SLW could dip down a little further disappointing temporarily those who thought they had found the bottom. It is better to wait. Observing charts of both gold and silver it does appear from those that a bottom has been reached, based on a recent double bottom.

      However this is an easily manipulated sector by central banks. The LAST thing banksters want is for populations to buy PMs, since fiat money is the means elitists plunder populations and enrich themselves through the central banks they control. That is why, at some point in the future, their evil designs must be ended, PERMANENTLY, through the courts so the historical record will reveal what takes place when those with the wherewithal use mediums of exchange to steal from all that are forced to use them by law.

      It would be interesting to be able to resurrect Aaron Burr to see if there were deeper reasons than a personal dispute that rid us of Alexander Hamilton.

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