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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Aug 5, 2013 11:42 PM Flag

    Much to my dismay...

    Gold price has sunk below $1300. This is not a positive sign for both silver and gold. Amazingly, the dollar index is sinking as there is hope! As for me, I'm hoping silver and gold will recover lost ground by the 8/6 opening of markets in the U.S. GLTA

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    • Fools Gold

    • For those of us that believe there are no depths to the manipulation central banks will stoop to in order to keep the price of PMs down, it is no surprise. Who’s to stop them? Regulators? The FBI, CIA, Attorney Generals? The courts? Bla, bla, bla? Mass media outlets doing what they are supposed to do and report on illegal behavior as real live journalists?

      No. What will have to happen is that, like all tyrannies of the past they will get over confident, feeling as long as they can depend on plundering populations for their failures in what has become known as “too big to fail”, they can’t lose. How that will play out when enough of the public gets wise to their scam is anybodies guess. Maybe Occupy Wall Street will return in an organized manner and remove anyone from their midst sent to destroy their message. No more pooping on public property by infiltrators to create a disgusting scene meant to look like it was part of the movement.

      The mass media will be beside themselves, lost for words on how to gin up negative commentary. That would be truly an amusing scene watching them struggle not to be too obvious on their backing of the bankster cartel.

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