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  • delaere.peter delaere.peter Aug 6, 2013 2:46 PM Flag

    What if silver rises 2 dollars from here

    Amid all that negativity, what happens if gold and silver raise strongly? These are the last days of falling prices.

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    • What happens if I win the Power Ball Lottery (same chance as silver going up $2)? Then I won't give a rat's #$%$ when SLW does, but until then I simply keep losing money.

      Sure fooled me. I thought with all the real honest to goodness inlfation gold and silver would go back up. But I guess Obama's and Bernnake's lies about NO INFLATION fool enough people that they are believed.

      Went to buy a new pair of Irish Setter boots today. Been buying the same boots for 6 years. I have the receipts. 6 years ago $169.99. 39 mohths ago $189.99 and today 219.99. Same is true for car tires and parts and most anything else one can think of that is not electronic related (we probably spend about 1% of our total income per year on electronic items).

      Lies, more lies and damn lies. That's the Fed and the US Government today folks. We make the old Soviet Union look like the purveyor of truth.

    • Corrections are over. All aboard!

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