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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Aug 8, 2013 2:36 PM Flag

    It's hard to get excited about these one day jumps in silver prices

    Someday in the near future, we should string together quite a few up days in silver prices. Perhaps when we get out next congressional budget impasse, perhaps when the debt ceiling is jacked up, or perhaps when QE4 gears up with a vengeance. Something will trigger the uplift in PM prices but these one day events are getting long in the tooth. GLTA

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    • The debt ceiling isn't an issue while our "servants" are on vacation. They get back and argue some for another month and take the rest of the year off because they are so tired of working on doing nothing.

    • We actually made it aboutt 21 dollars. Hopfully this will hold for once.

    • 3 days in a row of rising silver prices could generate the beginnings of some excitement. Let's see what happens Monday. We still have a long way to go.

    • Search for "Clif High" and visit his website (the one that Yahoo won't allow me to post even the name of) and get his August bot report. It will shed a great deal of light on current events and offers some foreshadowing of events perhaps in the offing. I read all 37 pages of it the other night and must say that I can easily see some stark correlations between the report and current events that map a future that tells me that we're in the right place.

      Watch for a roiling of the bond market as a tell-tale sign that his methodology is a valuable resource.

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      • “…I can easily see some stark correlations between the report and current events that map a future that tells me that we're in the right place. …” The right place, yes. But none of these soothsayers have a dimes worth of accuracy attached to any timeline.

        These pundits have been peering into their crystal balls for so long, only to have the future disappear in an apparent fog, that none of them have any credibility any longer.

        The Fed and the other central bank criminals in Europe, etc., crank up their super duper computers and nano-second trading platforms to steal from any that either don’t have the software and hardware, or aren’t among the favored that get the inside track on where the banksters are headed next along with their political allies.

        The only certainty is that their evil designs to accumulate every last thing of value on earth, with their counterfeiting schemes, will eventually result in a trap they cannot escape. That is the lesson of history. A recent report was referred to by another economic pundit who claimed that the average lifespan of counterfeit fiat monopoly money has historically only been 27 years. The USA is long overdue to have its currency crash into the dustbin of history.

    • It sure looks like the shorts are getting clobbered, and there could be significantly more of that in the near future. The only fly in the ointment is a thing called margin requirements and upside trading restrictions (Hunt Bros, anybody). These always seem to be used to dampen the upside in PMs, as the cost of participation drives out the long side of the market creating a vacuum on the downside. In a market that has been widely recognized as being highly manipulated by bankster interests that would be the expectation.

      Be careful of those who present too rosy a scenario in order to trap the longs, such as the most recent editorial by Adam Hamilton of Zeal titled, “Silver Short Squeeze”, who states there is no such thing as “manipulation”, but only the ebb and flow of fear and elation by market participants. However, when illegal market forces control it is impossible to predict what will happen next based on what would seem to be rational outcomes. In other words, “Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” (John Maynard Keynes)

      Just be careful that the typical seasonal uplift of PMs does not occur this time around as governments conspire together to suppress price.

    • Two of the three possibilities in concert would be awesome.

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