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  • chemaes44 chemaes44 Aug 14, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

    21.577 is now a floor +- 0.06

    This is a spring board now. Shorts could get rolled over here. I now believe $22.89 might have a higher likely- hood than first thought. first things, first. $21.86, then $22.00 and if those get beat with ease, 22.89 is real!

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    • Here's some simple logic for the shorts.

      Trader chatter in the pits is for gold to test $1350 to 1358. At a minimum that is 1.5% up from here and assuming the gold:silver gain ratio of 1:2 that means silver has to move up 3%. That brings the price of silver to at least $22.29. I check from time the twitter chatter of the CNBC fast money group and none of them are on gold or silver right now. That means, LOTS, are itching for a pullback, that means heavily supported with bids.

      Normally, I'd have sell orders at each of my targets (like $21.86) but I'm not doing it this time. I want to see what happens when/if it gets there..

      One miscalculation I've made: With all the news chatter about JPM looking for physical gold and silver during delivery, speculators will want to invest in tangible assets. I now believe this gives the miners the edge because they own the silver. My 2 x etf has gotten good gains but today pales to what miners are getting. on a pullback I'll be into slw if the rumors of JPM and physical hoarding of silver and gold continues.

      Dollar index has hit a ceiling, that looks like it will snap the price back.

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      • Excellent post Chem, thanks.

      • type in "zero hedge why gold spiking" in google search.

        Day-after-day for the last few weeks, I've read this constantly from at least a dozen non-gold analyst sources.

        I know better than to trust this stuff, but the continuous barrage of the information is a bit unusual from non-gold biased sources. Lots of COT analysis also that say commercials have reduced short positions by 10's of thousands contracts, seemingly making them structural long for the first time in a decade or something going up against the large speculators.

        At the end of the day I have to trust the technical's first, still waiting, floor of 21.577 is holding. My stop has moved up to 21.517.

    • Well it looks like earnings numbers have leaked out and they are not too bad..

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