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  • cmegladon cmegladon Aug 23, 2013 10:16 AM Flag

    Remember, Sept and November are

    historically, the best months for Gold and Silver.
    The past is not necessarily an accurate prognosticator for the future, but going back 40 years, November is the strongest and September the second strongest month.
    Couple that with all the tenuous economic data and misinformation, and October generally being a negative month, draw your own conclusions.
    Just sayin.....

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    • Silver will fly as inflation will scare one and all.

    • Cmegladon, what is your near term outlook for gold and silver? Thanks

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      • Kidding aside, I have no near term outlook.
        There are too many events that will impact the daily prices.
        As they occur, we can be more precise in our prognostication, but then, it's usually too late for the average person.
        For example, on Friday the PM market was sitting at + or - a minor amount.
        At 10:00 the housing numbers came out and they were a huge miss.
        I watched my screens knowing Gold and silver were going to take off like a rocket.
        Any bet before 10am based on a feeling how the housing numbers would play out was just that; a bet.
        Several years ago I had a discussion with another poster and mentioned through thick and thin, my coin collection always gives me and my kids pleasure from the sheer beauty and power these coins possess. Not to mention, their value.
        Now that they attained a significant value, I keep most of the collection in a storage vault
        but still have enough around to gaze at.
        About 4 or 5 months ago, a very respected economist, Andy Xie mentioned how 80% of the earth's gold has already been mined. So, that means in the future, meaning forever, the gold supply could increase by a maximum of 25%.
        The money supply can and will increase by some crazy multiple.
        So will gold and it's trailing little sister increase in value?
        And that is just on the basis of one minor data point.
        I believe I will see Gold hit $3000 and silver hit $80 in the near to mid term, meaning 3 - 5 years.
        If these numbers play out, gold and silver mining stocks will outperform.
        And my coin collection will achieve immeasurable value due to the power the lady liberty's will possess by just gazing at them.
        And if none of this plays out, veal chops will be on the menu again.....but I doubt it.

      • Ya mean like Monday or Tuesday?

    • Sept. and Nov. are veal chop months

    • Gann 180 degrees Dec 26th I am charting like Dec 17th --- Full Cold Moon, will be the top

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