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  • llllorac llllorac Aug 23, 2013 1:24 PM Flag

    What to do with SLW now that it's run up...

    This is one of the hardest decisions involved in investing IMO. Getting a quick substantial gain in a stock handed to you. Do you take it and walk away?. Sell some and keep some... Or turn off your smart phone or PC and let it all ride... A month from now the correct answer will seem obvious but it's far from that right now. Under the vast majority of cases I start scaling out of my position ... Putting in sell orders in increments of 5% or so at 10% higher prices.... In this case I have decided not to do that however. Call it bull headed-ness or overconfidence or outright stupidity..(Maybe a combination of all 3).. I see $50 written all over this stock and it's paying me a dividend based at least partially on where the price of silver is going. Maybe it's because I have lost confidence in the people running this country and federal reserve as well as the dire problems other central banks have. I see no end to unbridled paper money printing and precious metals should rise accordingly. It still begs the question, will I be kicking myself in the #$%$ a month or two down the road? I'm prepared to do that....rather than sell out a position I am so comfortable to be in.

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