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  • cmegladon cmegladon Aug 27, 2013 5:53 PM Flag

    There's a whole lot of shakin goin on

    1-Printing continues with the threat we will print a little bit less come September/October.
    2-Cowboy Larry will be the next Fed chairman unless there's an errant text/email/tweet/photo that disqualifies him. And if yur reading this, NO, I''m not making any assertions.
    3-The already explosive Middle East just got more explosive because Kerry promised that Oblama promised that if a red line was crossed, he promised something would be done.
    4-Problem is, we don't know who crossed what line, and they want to show us videos again. So get read for Meet the Press, McLaughlin & Co, Glenn Beck and CNN to all show the videos and say we gotta do something.
    After all, we're Robocop.
    5-Putin says stay away. And he's very familiar with poison gas. Remember, he has his own special forces and naval arsenal there.
    This has to be well organized so as not to hit any targets that actually have terrorists there.
    We're giving everyone enough time to play hide and seek, just like Iraq.
    6-Oil is $109 per bbl. Remember kiddies, we're very close to a price tipping point where you have to choose between going to soccer practice or the grocery. At $115 or so, petrol will rocket, and ya can't do both.

    Yesterday I took delivery of my monthly AG allocation.
    I also took possession of a case of J Walker Gold. They're no longer making the stuff.

    We'll need it.

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    • if they do this lets hope that they have the sense to do it when the markets are CLOSED as otherwise they jeopardize all of Ben's efforts to keep the markets high.....I believe we stabilized after Iraq looked under control........

    • The spectre of thermonuclear war has been raised over Syria; both Russia and China has said there better not be an invasion with the Russians moving to seriously upgrade Syrian SAM capability. They know that Syria and Iran have a mutual defense pact and the charade is nothing more than an end run to get Iran into a fight. Both China and Russia have indicated that they won't stand for that as well.

      Better start taking your iodine. Fukushima's radioactive pollution problem will pale by comparison.

      • 1 Reply to moses_on_wall_street
      • Mo,

        Mt rant was about the perception of information and misinformation.
        There is no threat of thermonukes.
        Syria and Iran's "mutual defense pact" you refer to is banter.
        Like some kids have if their parent re-marries.
        Families have stronger pacts with more teeth.
        Save your money on potassium iodide. It won't do squat anyway.

        Best thing Oblama can do is tell his friends in Saudia Arabia they better be a part of a coalition,or they get cut out of his will.

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