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  • cmegladon cmegladon Aug 29, 2013 4:58 PM Flag

    The wobbly red line

    You would think, whoever wrote the speech(s) that referenced the red line and the advisors approving the language, would have thunk about what to do when the line was crossed.
    These guys and gals are not dumb.
    They had to figure there'd be questions related to who actually crossed the line, and remember, it has allegedly been crossed a couple of times already.
    You also have to figure they know full well how the country reacted to the proof WMDs existed before the fireworks display in Bagdad and then, ultimately announcing the WMDs either never existed or disappeared.
    These days, trust in Govt. isn't at an all time high.
    And if they "prove beyond a reasonable doubt" the regime of Assad was responsible, then what do you do?
    The fellow in the WH already implied, they need a "shot across the bow" so to speak. That's that gonna do?

    The point here is, this wobbly red line should never have been painted, because he painted himself into a corner.
    Every snake in the world is lining up and rattling their tails.

    Putin thought nothing of using gas on the Pachech's when they held hostages in the theatre, disposing of 200 innocents while he was at it. So, he is pre-disposed to using gas to fight terror, and Assad thinks he is doing the same thing, fighting for his country, and gassing terrorists. Remember, we don't like him, but in his mind, it's his country.
    Of course, gassing women and children just to make a point is cause for someone to take him out. But if you take him out, who replaces him? Another Morsi or worse?
    I say, let them continue to fight each other and every once in a while make sure the score is close to even.
    Quietly,we can watch as they whittle their populations down.
    If it spills over the border, then whack 'em. Until then, let them bad guysdo it to each other, and do our jobs for us.

    Meanwhile, it's another distraction.

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    • lets call it hysteria Syria and I agree we stay out of it until they touch Israel then it be over. period. Anyone aiding Syria gets ZERO USA aid $$$$$$. period. next issue? oh almost ALL world countries are going broke have inflation out of ears no employment and their currency is shot. THATS the REAL problem folks, Syria IS just a distraction as cmegladon says. period. go long SLW to 42. period.

      ok this round she may find that 47 spot again oh that was so nice........memories

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    • What do you expect from a Community Organizer ?

    • cmegladon,

      We can stand by and do nothing or we can be a world leader. Attacking unarmed civilians in their sleep with Sarin gas requires a profound and immediate response regardless of WHO pulled the trigger. Morality is absolute, you either choose to do good or you choose to do evil -- there are no shades of grey. Those who stand by and do nothing are just as bad as the evil doers. This is what makes the United States unique, this is what makes us American. I've met and worked with people who've traveled all over the world and every one of them say there's a certain sense of relief when that plane enters American air space on the way home.

      This is why we are hated in the Middle East; we offer people a choice other than religious terrorist cults and despotic dictators; we offer them the hope of self-determination, we offer them an environment whith no limit to what an individual can achieve with hard work regardless of their color, their tribe, their social caste or their religious beliefs.

      We were morally and strategically justified going into Iraq and taking out Saddam, after 9/11, few objected. Remember: is was Congress who offered W. Bush use-of-force authorization and all but demanded he take immediate action, and he did. Yes there were mistakes and blunders along the way, good intentions often resulted in unintended consequences. Never the less, Saddam was defeated and, for the first time in human history, the people of Iraq actually VOTED for their leaders! These people braved open gunfire and stood in line all day just to have a chance to vote. I'll never forget that picture of a crying woman holding up a purple-died index finger indicating she had just voted for the first time.

      What's missing in Syria right now is true American leadership. We're drawing lines, making threats, rattling sabres but, apparently, not doing much of anything. It's not about TAKING sides, it's about stopping evil and giving people real choices. It's about freedom.

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