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  • kbononi kbononi Aug 31, 2013 2:23 PM Flag

    no strike Congress wills shut him down


    regardless the world is in deep do do

    we shall see.......

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    • Aren't you amazed by the fact that the administration knows for sure that Assad ordered the use of chemical weapons and yet still has no clue as to what happened at the American embassy in Benghazi?

    • The window for a immediate surprise U.S. response closed days ago -- we had plenty of assets in the region to do the job.. We knew Assad's military were prepping a chemical strike against civilians in rebel-friendly neighborhoods three days before the actual attack, THAT was the time we should've hit them. The president can conduct certain limited military operations for up to 90-days without congressional approval, but he must keep key committees apprised as to what's going on.

      Obama is incapable of taking responsibility for his own decisions; this is a major character flaw going back to his Chicago days. He always seeks plausible deniability in case things go wrong; look at how many times he blames others -- even his own staff -- for his screw-ups. Now he's out there telegraphing everything we might do to Syria and when we might do it!

      Now he's doing the same thing buy tossing the hot potato into the lap of Congress. Since the element of surprise is long gone, I can't see them approving a strike. Democrats have a big problem here because they don't want to look like they're following W. Bush's footsteps into Iraq. Never the less, even John Kerry came out and said we should hit the SOB Assad ASAP, then Obama comes out and walks it all back! Someone dug up a moldy Jimmy Carter to come out and talk about a "negotiated" settlement; the idea being to give Obama cover from actually launching a massive air strike and risk offending the Russians. No wonder the Brits refuse to support us!

      This fiasco will not impact gold prices to any great degree because nothing of substance is going to happen. Kerry, or a substitute, (Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter??) will be sent back to "engage" Assad in "useful discussions", the Russians will tell Assad to chill for a couple of weeks and Obama will declare himself the next Woodrow Wilson by ending the conflict with a "peaceful" resolution. Come October the prez will be back on the golf course on yet another Hawaiian vacation.

    • Ho hum.. Obummer dumps it all on Congress.

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