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  • williamszxz williamszxz Sep 1, 2013 8:15 PM Flag

    Gold down sharply, over $13 an US will very unlikely vote for military

    action because most US citizens do not want to be the world's policeman..Gold and silver set to go down big time.

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    • After watching the PM markets day by day it became apparent that there was price collusion between East and West. Today the collusion was confirmed. It seems that the Hong Kong Metals Exchange (HKME) was founded by none other than Nathaniel Rothschild. Do your own due diligence on this. There’s not a lot of information available. A number of stories trumpeting the end of the cartel controlling the PM markets have been out there with the opening of the HKME. Was it ignorance or was it disinformation planted to give that impression?

      When this information started to become widespread the name of Nathaniel Rothschild was removed from the list of those on the Board of Directors, suggesting that he is a “silent partner” to the enterprise. See Silver Doctors for some of the story.

      For us small fry with PM investments the above means everything in terms of where PM prices are headed. The manipulation has become worldwide. The participation of Asian markets can’t be discounted. Be VERY careful on taking too rosy an outlook on where PM valuations are headed in markets nearly completely corrupted by manipulative tactics. In particular, be careful of the newsletter writers, like Adam Hamilton, who continually points to the fact that manipulation only has limited scope and the effect of seasonal factors overwhelms it. We will see about that since we are entering what his charts always show as a sharp rise in PM prices this time of year. These charts never seem to demonstrate what real pricing actually takes place.

    • Down like silver up 70 cents so far today ? SLW should open up around $28 tomorrow. No limit on how much a short can lose on this one.

    • Pretty smart turn around for silver off the $23 price point...bodes well. But will the hedgies attack in the Tuesday session? We'll see.....

    • Do not underestimate our congress. Most likely they will put Syria war into debt ceiling extension and will vote yes. Brace yourself for a bumpy ride.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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