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  • williamszxz williamszxz Sep 5, 2013 10:59 PM Flag

    King dollar beating SLW and its allies to a pulp..the dollar reigns supreme

    silver and gold mines are shutting down because no one wants the stuff they have to offer....look at the sp of many mines..very low and mines are going bankrupt because it is costing them moe to mine the product then the public is willing to pay..very bad future for the silver and gold people...King dollar rules the day and that's the long and short of it....look at the way gold fell today..ouch, ouch and ouch.

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    • I just heard "king dollar" is now the #1 toilet paper brand in the world! Congratulations!

    • Yep, worthless valueless fiat is shining as of now. But that won't last when the deficit can't be financed via Bernanke's printing.

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      • You, of course, see what we are up against. The author of this topic is either a bankster plant, which is most likely, or a blithering idiot. Anyone who thinks that there is value in ink printed on paper with the images of dead presidents is by definition too lacking in mental faculties to tell anyone else what the future holds.

        This is not an easy road to travel. The banksters, at least currently, are in control of the direction of markets because they control all that is money related. We need to wish for the day when the measure of their punishment for what they have done to humanity, worldwide, is sufficiently severe that for thousands of years into the future it will not return again to revisit us. But that means, in order for it to take place enough people will acquiesce in that necessity. No one needs to be a martyr. They only need to join with the rest of us to recognize what needs to be done to restore their prosperity as there is strength in numbers. That will scare the living be-jeezus out of the banksters and there allies causing them to lose enough face and control that their hegemony will bring on the opportunity to be rid of them.

        Notice that this criticism will likely not get any sort of reality based response from the Topic’s author, since he/she/they are engaging in what is known as "flaming" as a kind of enjoyable past time to them in order to irritate others who hold serious views.

      • Beware the Bernanke bubble.

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