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  • thecomforter1919 thecomforter1919 Sep 6, 2013 9:06 AM Flag

    SLW goes to $200 when people find out the truth, such as:

    Record 90.5 Million Out Of Labor Force As Half A Million Drop Out In One Month; Labor Force Participation Rate Plunges To 1978 Levels

    While the Establishment survey data was ugly due to both the miss and the prior downward revisions in the NFP print, the real action was in the Household survey, where we find that the number of people not in the labor force rose by a whopping 516,000 in one month, which in turn increased the total number of people outside the labor force to a record 90.5 million Americans.And what is even worse, the Labor Force

    Participation Rate declined from 63.4% to 63.2%: the is the lowest print since August 1978!Whether or not this means the Fed will continue QE at this point is largely irrelevant: what is more relevant is that the Fed so far has failed miserably at its core mandate: to boost real employment.

    By Tyler Durde

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    • What this goes to prove is simply that Keynesian economics have become passe. I'd say obsolete, but you catch my drift.

    • no one cares.............
      gold / silver DEAD .....................

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Sometimes it seems like a “broken record” to keep posting this.

      There is only ONE problems, which if addressed would fix all of America’s ills. It would further address financial ills worldwide by those who choose to follow this country’s leadership. It is a poison more powerful than Sarin nerve gas in its effect though much slower acting. It would neutralize leaders trying to take us in directions we don’t wish to go.

      The root cause of this worldwide disease is central bank counterfeiting, which if done away with would also eliminate central banks allied with governments and in all probability eliminate armed conflicts not easily overcome by the enemies of liberty. From it springs corruption at the highest levels of finance and the destruction of our Constitution through the “money powers” (as it destroys the ability to have candidates for public office that support the views of The People).

      US President Andrew Jackson got one thing right, and it foreshadowed all US Presidents who followed. He destroyed the objectives of Nicolas Biddle to renew the charter of the 2nd Bank of the United States. Consequently for a period of time thereafter there was increasing prosperity that was the envy of all other countries. We had Presidents whose objectives were somewhat contained by the inability to counterfeit our money and overrule the wishes of the People because the increasing prosperity brought about by specie in the hands of the electorate put political power back into the hands of We The People sufficient to tip the balance of power in their favor.

      As far as the wishes of most who post here (minus bankster plants) investment in companies like Silver Wheaton would increase in almost hyperbolic fashion. Who here would object to that? Negative answers or downgrades will identify those who could be termed Destroyers, the enemies of liberty.

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      • Man, I have been preaching that for years. The people, unfortunately, have yet to demonstrate the capacity to wrap their minds around the very elemental truth that the entire system of money is a fraud and it is being used to permeate everything else.

        Were suddenly the fraud to fail (and I hold forth hope that I live to see that day) so many of the issues that cause us grief would simply cease. They could no longer be financed.

        What I fear most, however, is the ongoing effort to globalize the fiat monster, one probably using a single currency. The next facet of the plan to get us there is already well under way, that being the widespread use and acceptance of debit cards. Such an arrangement removes so many of the barriers to monetary honesty and in the adoption of it sets in motion the complete conversion of the system to where even were you to have assets, you may become "marked" and thus unable to transact as a way to bring you to "justice".

    • Any news out of the government has but one goal: The management of perception. By creating a false paradigm they hope to keep their jobs and positions... and the people suffering quietly.

      An unruly and desperate crowd is what they fear the most. Right now, there are still too many distractions and the EBT cards still function. But when they work no longer.................

    • all the good jobs are gone, what we are left with:
      a mountain of debt
      an aging population
      a banking sector that continues to steal,, deceive, and corrupt the whole system.

      I wonder when are the American people going to wake up, IF EVER.

      THE USURY MEN HAVE DESTROYED THIS once prosperous nation.

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