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  • williamszxz williamszxz Sep 10, 2013 10:37 PM Flag

    SLW is headed back to $17...the war scare is over and the US dollar is king

    no Silver is needed..and that is why the PM stocks are getting murdered...the smart guys are heading for the exits

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    • The smart guys? Are standing out in rain with no umbrella..
      Want a mulligan on this one?

    • Not a big history buff are you...Smart Guys??? oh willy please

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Huh.

    • How would you know what smart people are doing? Do you listen to what they're saying when you're passing out the hand towels in the men's room?

    • Drivel.

    • Syria is solved huh? wow what a moron. debt at 17 trillion with no solution in sight

    • good luck. i think you will be bankrupt come year end.

    • dude you need an education, we have debt ceiling coming up, EOM more issues, Syria wont be fixed for weeks, but by all means short SLW and make your millions!!

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    • Uh, try looking at SLW 6-mo. chart. Syrian gas attack occurred on 21-AUG -- AFTER the SLW run-up. The war in Syrian, specifically U.S. involvement, has nothing to do with SLW. Everyone knew from the start Obama never had the stones to launch counter-strike. In fact, he could've launched a strike as part of a 90-day use-of-force limited action under current Congressional rules (i.e., no boots-on-the-ground) -- he never needed to "wait" for Congress to vote for an approval. Also: both the President or the the Senate Majority Leader have the authority call an emergency joint session of Congress at ANY time; the fact they didn't is further proof Obama never intended to strike back.

      Furthermore, the Pentagon can barely manage to keep a minimum of two carrier task forces in the region; and those are there strictly for deterrence purposes, not as primary battle groups. Of those two, one must guard the Straits of Hormuz against any Iranian aggression, that leaves only one to deal with everyone else. Once you launch an attack, you need to increase the deployment of supply ships to keep the carriers well-stocked with aviation fuel and munitions.

      Assad can easily protect his air force by deploying all his planes deep inside Syria out of range for carrier-based aircraft (the combat range of a fully-loaded F-18 is under 500 mi.). Syria already possess the Russian-made P-800 Yakhont anti-ship missile systems; these are long range missiles that could strike virtually anywhere as far north as Cypress. The Russians would give Assad advance warning of a U.S. strike & these missiles would be launched; if just ONE of them got through the barrage of U.S. anti-missile countermeasures, it could seriously damage a carrier or sink a destroyer within minutes.

      THIS is why the U.S. ain't doing nothing to Syria. The Pentagon probably had to interrupt one of Obama's golf games to explain the facts of life to him. You ain't going to find this information reading stock charts!

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      • we_are_borg - Absolutely Right! Poor leadership in DC just shows how pathetic they made us and he is NOT fooling anyone as the Middle East and Russia and the rest of the world for that matter just saw what a paper tiger they made out of the US by the Spineless DC politicians. Strong military with weak leaders is just plain dangerous for us.

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