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  • jimmyd727 jimmyd727 Sep 15, 2013 12:51 PM Flag

    Interesting Article From The Washington Post This Morning

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    • First of all, jimmyd, how did you ever manage to post a link? Every post here ever tried got deleted that had a link. It seems that has been the case with everyone else here, too. Maybe it’s because the Washington Post is “white listed”. Had it been from the Washington Times it probably would have been deleted. The top dog (the gender would be supplied except censorship would get involved) at Yahoo is a Democrat supporter of Obama.

      To understand the dynamics of the PM markets, a visit to the recent article by Keith Weiner should be helpful: “Monetary Metals Supply And Demand”. Therein you will discover how futures markets and the spot market define either a condition of contango or backwardation. Note that the basis has been below zero since mid-June.

      His recent chart indicates that there is scarcity in the PM markets (gold & silver). Scarcity is implied because the spot price exceeds the current futures price (backwardation), yet the dollar has been heading upwards recently. He really doesn’t speak to this as the rest of us probably would, for whatever reason. But it definitely looks like manipulation is at play. This should be reason enough to install some of Iceland’s leaders as consultants so they could suggest publicly that the banking cartel should be dealt with just as it was in Iceland, i. e. jail time or worse here. We will NEVER get out of the downward spiral until there is a realization that people who break the law must pay the price.

      Fat chance, huh?

      This may be posted as a separate Topic as time permits (minus how the discriminatory TOS “violations” are applied). Note that the Keith Weiner link could have been provided except as noted.

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