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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Sep 19, 2013 1:37 AM Flag

    What can Bernanke do for an encore?

    Everyone is familiar with a "lame duck" president. But what about a "lame duck" Federal Reserve chairman? Bernanke is not just the man behind the curtain but the maestro with the power to create unlimited amounts currency (money/power) at the mere waving of his hand. Such power! And as for the rest of the federal reserve governors who sit politely at the FOMC meetings, they merely sit and hope the maestro doesn't offend their banker friends. So they all vote in unison with the whims of the "great" Bernanke. And now that Bernanke's days are numbered, what does he have to lose?

    Bernanke is taking us down. The man is clueless. His vision is obscured by his distorted understanding of money printing. "Print more...things must get better". The "wealth affect" is such a wonderful thing! Or not!

    So with congress banging their heads together over an over-extended budget, and a Federal Reserve chairman greasing the government skids with an abundance of free money, the future is predictable. We're going down. Fiat goes down first. Then comes the gyrations of interrupted commerce, credit freezes, and then vanishing markets for everyday goods/food. Chaos!

    So...when can we expect Bernanke's encore? Tick, Tock, tick, tock. Bernanke and his inner circle will soon let us know....or perhaps not. Perhaps we will have to figure it out for ourselves. Perhaps everything is now in motion and we don't even see it coming!

    Get prepared.

    Got gold? Got silver? And some would ammo?

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