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  • crazy1090631 crazy1090631 Sep 20, 2013 1:11 PM Flag

    so they march out BUFFET and BULLARD to hit gold and silver.

    Here is my challenge to Bullard! GO Fricking ahead and taper 85 billion a month. I dare you to TAPER AT ALL, but go ahead. You might need to live in a bunker if you do. I know the fed can't taper, and you guys lie like rugs and are all crooked! CROOOOOKS I tell you along with the sec, cftc, JPm and other banks. The day of reckoning is here as you are now in between a rock and a hardplace. Show me some guts and taper oday bullard, go ahead you weasel.

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    • There should be every attempt to avoid anarchy because the outcome would likely be even worse.

      We need an Icelandic solution where the Fed is disbanded. All who have broken the law but still remain free, such as Jon Corzine, need to be convicted for having done so and go to jail for many years.

      Derivative markets need to be marked to market, mostly zero. That is a GOOD thing since they have been engaging in fraud. The Glass-Stiegel Act needs to be reinstated. Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac should be disbanded and what remains of their assets placed in private hands.

      Bernanke should be put on trial. Greenspan as well. They have violated the US Constitution by encouraging a derivatives market that has led to what amounts to stock counterfeiting in what is known as Failure To Deliver (FTDs).

      Supreme Court Justices who have not followed the US Constitution need to be impeached, especially on the issue of ignoring what the Constitution says about money and the Income Tax (16th Amendment should be repealed). The Progressive Era 17th Amendment to the US Constitution needs to be repealed and replaced. Popular election of US Senators needs to be as it was originally and be appointed by State Legislatures, with the proviso that the Governors of the States fill vacancies when their Legislatures fail to act in a timely manner, the original flaw.

      Obama should be impeached for withholding information that would have lost the election for him, had it been available, such as who his REAL father was. This probably would be evident if the ORIGINAL birth certificate (not the electronic copy) showed something like, “father unknown”. See “Dreams of My Real Father”, by Joel Gilbert. His real father was a card carrying Communist, Frank Marshall Davis. This could be verified by DNA.

      Those who don’t post with cooler reasoning that avoids the potential of anarchy need to shut up. We can come out of this financial crisis by sound reasoning, and not by blowing off steam.

    • The leadership at the Fed is unbelievable. They are trying so hard to manipulate and manage the markets, and they're failing miserably. This market should crash, in which case gold and silver should go up, but who knows?

    • Note: If they taper it will be 50% unemployment! go ahead Bullard!

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