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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Sep 25, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    Iraqi Denar reset

    Could the revaluation of the dinar help us out? First I do not own any dinars. However, I have been seeing lots of chatter about this event. The dinar is valued at 1166 to $1. Apparent the USA owns about 3-7T dinars. Before the Gulf wars the dinar was valued at $3 for each one. I wonder if this is how the fiat currency gets saved for a few years? I've read the naysayers comments and question this myself. However some of it makes sense. The USA received a load of Dinars and flooded in dollars in exchange. The value drop to current levels, but that may about to change. Again I own No Dinars. (This would make GW look like a genius if this pans out). I'm just saying.

    Do a little research and I understand you will shoot the messenger. I'm just curious as why all the chatter on the guru sites. Appreciate any feed back, but first do a little research. Sometimes the ones that think they know the most, are quick to comment and never ever apologize.

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    • THAT WHOLE DINAR REVALUATION THING IS JUST A SCAM THAT HAS BEEN FLOATING AROUND FOR AT LEAST THE LAST 8 TO 10 YEARS. I have an idiot brother who bought thousands of dollars worth of Dinars, and got others to do the same, and now those bills are worthless because the Iraqi Government is no longer the same government that issued those now worthless old dinars!!! THE SCAM IS... YOU BUY THE OLD DINARS FROM SOME PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT THEM UP BY THE TRUCKLOAD, FOR ALMOST NOTHING, AFTER SADDAM HUSSEIN WAS RUN OUT OF OFFICE AND HIS GOVERNMENT DISAPPEARED... AND HIS ISSUE OF DIANR BECAME TOTALLY WORTHLESS, EXCEPT AS SOUVENIERS (sp)!!! Those scamsters keep urging people to buy more, more, more, because the revaluation is going to happen any day now... AND HAS BEEN GOING TO HAPPEN ANY DAY NOW FOR THE LAST 8 YEARS OR SO!!! This whole scam works almost exactly like stock pump and dump schemes! A COUPLE OF GUYS ISSUE TENS OF MILLIONS OF SHARES OF STOCK, WHICH COSTS THEM A FEW THOUSAND OR TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.. THEN THEY HYPE THE STOCK AND SELL IT FOR WHATEVER THEY CAN GET... NEARLY ALL OF WHICH IS PURE PROFIT... THEN THEY REISSUE EVEN MORE STOCK, HYPE IT SOME MORE, AND THEN SELL IT AGAIN... THEN THEY CHANGE THE NAME OF THE COMPANY AND DO THE SAME THING OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER, AGAIN. Once in a while, the SEC steps in and busts up the scam, but often, these scams float around for years, JUST LIKE THE IRAQI DINAR NONSENSE!!!

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