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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Sep 28, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    Is there a way around the stupidity of Yahoo msg board design?


    If you are on a particular message board and click on the screen name of someone who posted you’ll get a list of their posts. Many times that list will include messages by that screen name from other message boards. If you click on the topic from one of their posts, knowing that it comes from another message board, their post will be displayed, but it always wrongly reports in a big banner headline the same message board you had been on when selecting that screen name, and not the one where the post is located (the one you were at when you clicked on that screen names post listings. This is beyond stupid and certainly could have been dealt with a long time ago.

    This is VERY frustrating because it can take a LONG time to locate on which message board the post really belongs on making follow-up nearly impossible.

    Is this stupidity by the Yahoo programming staff or an effort to make the message boards less useful? Of course most know that Yahoo's CEO, Melissa Meyer, is an Obama supporter.

    On a similar note Senator Diane Feinstein, Democrat-CA, is attempting to do away with the first amendment of the Bill of Rights by changing the meaning of the free press to include only news outlets that are government sanctioned. Most probably message boards like this one will no longer have 1st amendment protection. She’s a bloody Cummie and those people in California are complete Zombies for continually returning her to office. It still seems that the best solution for the rest of the country is to build a fence around that State and let them go their own way so they self-destruct in their misguided selection of candidates in their elections.

    HapiWondrers feels free to voice this criticism currently, but how long will that last?

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    • If you refresh the page the banner changes.

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      • Thanks. That does change the banner. Apparently from the replies here others didn't know about this either.

        It seem a refresh could have been built into the code. If so why would it take Yahoo programmers so long to correct the problem? Were those tasks outsourced to less capable programmers in India or China to save "money"? Or as previously stated, is it a way to make the message board less usable with plausible deniability as cover for deliberately downgrading functionality, as mentioned previously. It should make us wonder what plausible deniability will be part of the "new design" mentioned by "dalerobin".

    • I have experienced the same frustration with the author features you describe. I sent comments to Yahoo when a survey popped up but I am sure that fell on deaf ears so to say.

      WRT the free speech issue, I believe the intent is to squelch bloggers as a court in Oregon a year or so ago ruled bloggers were not journalists. Bloggers get the real story out and their analysis is much better than MSM, but the likes of Feinstein cannot control bloggers. What they cannot control, they attempt to destroy. I am so fed up with the whole of government, it make me puke.

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      • “…I sent comments to Yahoo when a survey popped up but I am sure that fell on deaf ears so to say. …”

        It was found out long ago that ANY feedback to Yahoo not only is a waste of time, but if they do answer it will be a canned, “This would violate our TOS” as a reason.

        These aren’t dullards. These are stonewalling jerkz that know you have something valuable to suggest for most who inhabit their message boards, which they don’t want to make too robust. To do so would enable people to go in a direction that is not wanted. When you’re dealing with control freaks outcomes are obvious.

        Ever since Meyer came on board as CEO the changes have been predictable

        • No more links.
        • Seriously constrained character limitations. (with high capacity terabyte servers, not excusable)
        • White listings of some links only with Yahoo approval

        Carol Bartz was better, as far as msg boards were concerned, probably due to her experience at companies peopled by a lot of engineers. She blames her departure on engaging in the type of foul language that takes place on an everyday basis by her male counterparts. This is not to support of such behavior, but rather a recognition of what is considered part of the requirement to be in the walnut paneled CEO’s environment. It extends a level of intimidation to lesser employees that don’t wish to engage in such behavior, even if it means promotion to do so.

        Meyer has had a close connection to banking (Union Bank of Switzerland, for example), and therefore knows all the ins and outs of opaque inflation taxation. Major financial rags give her high marks as a capable manager. Of course that is what we are really talking about here, because constraining free speech is the only way fraudulent central bank counterfeit monopoly money operations can continue. Probably behind the scenes she is a big supporter of Diane Feinstein’s attempts at 1st amendment restrictions on freedom of speech, as well as her stated support of our POTUS run for office.

    • They say they are working on a new design.. Hope they fired the wacko who did this one. Dont think they ever heard the saying.. " Keep it simple stupid "

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